When the NHL chose prospects

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When the NHL chose prospects to make the annual pilgrimage to Game Four of the Stanley Cup final, Mittelstadt was there along with top two picks Nico Hischier and Nolan Patrick. They mugged for the cameras with Charles Barkley, then posed formally in a group shot with Gary Bettman, Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey. They met Sidney Crosby and Matt Murray outside the Pittsburgh dressing room and did the traditional “Coach’s Corner” segment with Don Cherry as well..

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And it is much easier to fire the offensive coordinator than to get rid of your quarterback. “If it’s your quarterback you’re saying ‘We made a mistake.’ Now you get rid of the offensive coordinator and say the reason he is not playing well is because of him. What you’re doing is buying yourself another year and you avoid the public relations hit of actually fessing up and admitting ‘We screwed up.’ ”Because of Young’s limitations, Hoge said, Heimerdinger would not have the freedom of changing game plans each week like he’s been able to do with Cutler.

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