The excitement about the Wolves

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The excitement about the Wolves isn just limited to kids either. Minnesota will be one of the must watch teams in the NBA this season. Loaded with exciting young talent, the Wolves are one of the darlings of the Association. For graphic on Snap Inc. Since its IPO, click hereThe social media company this month pulled off the hottest technology offering in three years, but after two days of explosive gains its stock has steadily retreated from a peak of more than $29 as investors worry about Snap’s high valuation and lack of profitability.Snap was down 4 percent at $19.92 in afternoon trade.MoffettNathanson analyst Michael Nathanson on Thursday launched coverage of Snap with a “sell” rating, warning in a note that “the market has priced SNAP for perfection.”Others on Wall Street have flagged Snap’s slowing user growth, widening losses and lack of voting rights for outside investors. Snap has warned it may never be profitable.Including Nathanson, six analysts recommend selling shares of Snap, while three have neutral ratings and none recommend buying, according to Thomson Reuters data..

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