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It not just individual homeowners dealing with the changes. Businesses, like our station, are trying to figure out what to do to get 60 TVs back up and running. Todd Davis, our Assistant Chief Engineer tells us, “We working on getting a distribution service so we cannot have the 60 digital boxes.

As a result of these problems, networks sometimes ask show runners to reduce serialization, believing that if they had more standalone episodes new viewers would have a better jumping on point and be more likely to watch. Shows such as Alias, Damages, Heroes, and Battlestar Galactica have suffered from this kind of network pressure the aforementioned Battlestar episodes were criticized very badly for this change by both critics and fans and immediately (thankfully) changed back to their former serialized format, and recovered from the initial negative responses. Heroes, unfortunately, wasn’t so lucky..

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The main triumph of the FPT production, then, is that it manages to overcome the obstacles presented by its oblong storefront space, which has the aspect ratio of a Cinemascope movie screen. You can’t take in the entire stage area in one look, so Thomas divides it into two performance areas, the better to delineate Julie’s life. The problem with Julie Johnson, however, is that it needs a dramaturge more than it needs an inventive stage designer.

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The fairies are a mysterious presence seen almost exclusively as flitting shadows and silhouettes with minimal human interaction. Though the charm of living fairies is appealing, these flat characters offer little to the story; they merely exist. Hoath and Earl are delightful, and seasoned actors Harvey Keitel and Peter O’Toole lend a hint of balance to this otherwise off kilter film.

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