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In Cushing’s 4 1 4 1, cursed her touch when in space. Then, just after the half hour, Casey Stoney, who has won the FA Cup four times, required treatment but was able to resume promptly. She was unfortunate not to double the lead. The professional journey of Rosanna Ramos Velita, G’92, WG’92, took her from Peru to North Dakota as a Fulbright Institute of International Education scholar, from being an engineer at AT in Allentown, PA, to attending Wharton, from investment banking jobs to a senior CFO role at Citigroup. Only now, though, does she see herself as truly having an impact. As chairman of the board at Caja Rural Los Andes, a microfinance bank serving rural entrepreneurs in Andean Peru as well as boardmember at the Grameen Foundation she makes her own dent in poverty.

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