I got the French Fries hooked on the show last summer

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I got the French Fries hooked on the show last summer, so we settled in the other night to begin the process anew. Even though the young one is six, he really is genuinely interested in the history, geography and lore of the show. The nine year old was freaked out by the snakes and piranhas, but she paid enough attention to enjoy it as well.

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The culprit was charming and polite, his insurance company responsive and professional, and I was able to drive back to Seattle all right, thanks to the weight of the two bikes holding the trunk closed. I dropped off the car at a repair shop, the insurance company gave me a rental, and I waited for everything to wrap up at no cost to me. No big deal..

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Of the problem is that if you go in for an operation and they give you two weeks of dosage, a lot of the times you only take it for a week, because people have the tendency to take a lower amount of medication because they don like taking more of it, Mincks said. They have it in storage, and that what we worried about, younger people coming into your house and getting into your cabinets and taking pills. Take back days, along with the sheriff 24/7 medication drop off, are designed to fight that problem.