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But this individualism also led to the rapid fracturing of our collective sense of a shared common culture. Meanwhile, America’s global competitors began changing the economic landscape. While cheap overseas consumer goods and technology helped feed the individual tastes and desires of ordinary Americans, the same global market brought a decline in economic opportunity for lower skilled workers..

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As a result, in an era when a premium is being placed on math and science skills, many Texas children will be encouraged to take the path of least resistance through high school. They will likely finish high school without the credits or basic skills necessary for college. HB 5 dresses up this scheme as an “endorsement” of individual “choice” and a promotion of “local control” over a child’s career options.

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After pulling the first net, they spied a second net nearby, which also turned out be rotten. Those fish were worse than the first, and the officers packed them away still tangled in the net, as they were too putrid to handle. As a crowd of seagulls gathered around the Reliance, a fish broke apart as it touched the deck, its tail end floating off into the lake..

Did your recent trip to the gas station feel like it took a higher toll than normal on your wallet? It probably wasn’t your imagination. Average gasoline prices in the United States increased by 5.1 percent, or 17 cents a gallon, during July, according to the AAA July 2012 Monthly Gas Price Report. This was the first monthly increase since March.