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Established in 1897, the Press Telegram is best known for its coverage of local news, such as the Port of Long declining cargo numbers. County from 2000 2010. Over the past decade, the Press Telegram has increasingly prioritized the delivery of news on digital platforms.

With characteristic Bengali disdain, Nirad Chaudhuri thought it epitomised the Allahabad brahmin’s instinctive approval for anything Islamic and, hence, “cultured”. The Hindustan Standard of Calcutta wrote an editorial denouncing this forcible imposition of Mughlai mores. Others merely kept their peace and humoured Nehru..

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I hate to bore you; the hypothetical conversation, I really don’t take part of. I really stay true to our football team. For me to sit here and say we’re playing better than everybody, I’m not watching everybody right now, but I love the way we’re playing.

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First we took the land from the Indians. There is not much left in this country that reminds us of the Indians. I think having something named after them would be an honor, about the only reminder that we would have of them. Cook played six NBA seasons, averaging 6.4 points a game. Cook, a former Ohio State forward, played in three games in the 2012 NBA Finals before LeBron James and the Miami Heat won their first of two league championships. Cook played six NBA seasons, averaging 6.4 points a game.

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